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Helping Hand Deluxe Care Pack


The Deluxe Kit contains a Classic Pro Reacher to avoid bending or reaching for items high and low; Soxon Sock Aid a super soft sock aid that helps to put on socks with ease; a Shoe Horn which reduces the need to bend down when putting on shoes


A Long-Handled Toe Foot Sponge to assist with bathing without the need to bend; Comes with a Handy Carry Bag secures all the essential products in one easy to carry and store pack

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Helping Hand Deluxe Hip Kit

Helping you to manage those everyday tasks, leaving you free to live your life.

Reaching and stretching to get dressed can be a challenge for us all. We have put together a range of those essential items into one kit which make it easier, faster and simpler to get up and go, and enjoy the day!

Ideal for those who may have limited range movement recovering from hip surgery, dressing one handed, or anyone who may be at risk of a fall when bending over – regardless of how young or old.

The Deluxe Hip Kit Contains;


Classic Pro Reacher 26 inch: Multi-purpose, the Classic is ideal for picking up everyday items around the home if bending or reaching is difficult to do.

•             Ergonomic comfy grip handle design avoids finger and wrist strain, easy to use.

•             Small metal objects can be sited and recovered easily with the handy magnet at the end

•             Gripcert® jaw ensures a firm but kind grip of the finest of items – paper, fabric, store card. When used for dressing, we have ensured will be gentle against the skin


Soxon Sock Aid: If putting on your socks and stocking can be a problem and other handy tools have just not worked then we know you will just love the Soxon!

This fabric design gently contours the foot as you pull up and round. Particularly for those with fragile skin, the Soxon really does make light work of a tiresome task. Super absorbent bamboo material absorbs the excess moisture our feet can sometimes have, and the unique anti-bacterial properties help keep feet healthy. Please note the Soxon is not suitable for use with compression stockings.

•             Long handles with loops avoid bending down and can be held in the hand, one handed or on the wrist for those who may have limited grip.

•             Can safely be used for those recovering from hip or knee surgery.

•             Can be washed by hand or in machine to keep clean between uses. Full user instructions included.

Shoe Horn: Many people rely on a shoe horn to put on tight fitting shoes.

Wrestling your feet into shoes will not only damage the heel but also reduce the lifespan of your shoes. This extra long shoe horns avoids bending over too much as well as help guide your feet in.

•             Featuring an extended handle which curves comfortably in the hand, 21”/52cm long

•             Smooth shoe horn blade is gentle against the skin

•             Curved end can be used to help with dressing too


Comfi-Grip Sponge: If washing between your toes is a problem, this could well be the answer.

The long handle eliminates the need to bend; the sponge has been shaped to get where others just cannot. The new supportive grip allows for comfort and ease.

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